All our products are made of 100% natural organic cotton fibers and are not mixed with polyester fibers. Polyester fibers are made from fossil resources, they are not biodegradable and part themselves from the textile when worn and washed. For this reason, we reduce the production and the resulting spread of microplastics by completely excluding them from our products. Another advantage is that the textiles can be recycled more easily due to their varietal purity.

The Global Warming Potential describes the average warming effect of a material or a product related to 100 years. The warming effect represents the contribution of a substance to the greenhouse gas effect.

With a lower GWP, the contribution to global warming is reduced.

Water consumption plays an important role, especially in waterscarce cotton growing regions. This is the reason why we solely source our cotton from Greece and Turkey. In addition, we save water every day by using organic cotton.

The textile industry is one of the industries with the highest global consumption of chemicals. Using organic cotton prevents the use of chemical fertilizers and other chemicals during cultivation. The use of chemical substances can lead to acidification of land and water in the growing regions.

The fertilizer used in the cultivation of conventional cotton leads to overfertilization of the cultivated areas and the surrounding water bodies. This leads to increased algae accumulation, causing enormous disruption to the ecosystem and resulting in so-called dead zones in the affected waters.


Nothing is more sustainable than a long product life through superior quality. Sustainability is the basis of our corporate culture and our goal is to shape a sustainable textile industry.

In our production we attach great importance to ecologically and socially acceptable conditions. More specifically we produce exclusively under European labor law and with the shortest possible delivery routes in Greece. The focus in the development of our products is on an extremely high quality, which ensures a long product lifetime. All our products are made of 100% organic cotton. Additionally, we exclusively produced to order, preventing the unnecessary waste of resources through overproduction.

The main driver of the environmental impact of a product or material is its manufacture. A longer service life can significantly reduce the amount of energy and resources required per use. If clothing is used for longer, less must be produced, which can reduce the number of resources required and the amount of waste produced.