On this page we explain the different production steps of our high-quality STUDIOS TC products. We produce exclusively in Greece. There, the fabrics are knitted and made up into the final products. All our products are made from 100% organic european cotton.

First, the cotton is picked by machines from the cotton fields based in Europe and transported to the spinning-mill. Here the actual production process starts. The cotton bales are broken down into single fibers and will be washed afterwards. The single fibers are now carried to the carding machine. The carding machine rearranges the fibers and aligns the fibers in a parallel position. Hereby short cotton fibers can be combed out, this helps us to achieve the quality we strive for. It prevents pilling and gives the cotton a particularly soft haptic.

The cotton fibers are now in a thick string. To get a strong and even yarn several strings are now combined and stretched into a thinner more packed string. In the roving machine these strings get a first slight twist which helps to realign the single fibers for a smooth and strong yarn. Now the yarn is prepared for the spinning-machine where the ring-spun yarn is created and reeled up on spools.

In the next step the textile fabric itself will be produced. Therefore, the spools with the ring-spun yarns are attached to the circular knitting machine.
The rotating movement of the machine turns the yarn into stitches which become a textile surface. The machine can produce up to 8.000 rows of stitches per minute.
Depending on the desired fabric, the stitch size can be changed. in doing so, we can influence the structure and haptic of the fabric and therefore assure you outstanding comfort and the perfect quality.

The textile surface from the circular knitting machine is dyed afterwards. This happens in batches in big washing machines like machines. The batch process gives the fabric a particularly consistent color grade.

The fabric goes through further refinements, which ensure that our products are highly resistant to washing and provide a high longevity.
Using a laser cutter, the individual patterns of the products are cut out along our carefully developed measurements. The fabric parts are then sewn together to form our high-quality blanks.

As final production step, the products are ironed, prepared and carefully packaged. The blanks are now ready to be shipped. All our products are suitable for any kind of textile printing and embroidery.